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The Centenary Group has over thirty years of experience in transport and logistics with a focus on small to large commercial trade customers and DIY retail landscaping supplies. The group has also offered specialist services through our Commercial Team which has been supplying large projects across South-East Queensland for over a decade.

Connect Truckers was created to support our commercial and trade service teams by giving them high-value offerings on large scale jobs while delivering our well-known level of customer service.

The team is led by Aaron Mackenzie who is the Commercial and Key Account Manager. He has over eight years of experience serving the Centenary Group’s Commercial and Trade customers.

Connect Truckers currently operate body trucks with quad dog configurations along with twin steer fork trucks. The scope of works includes bulk cartage of landscape and construction material, contract truck hire and site soil removal. The flat beds will deliver all palletised materials including blocks, bricks and pavers, timber and bulka bags with the highest possible standard of customer service in the industry.

As a standalone business, Connect Truckers also offers the same level of service to “like” businesses who require a sub-contract professional delivery services. Truckers can offer discreet supply for those partners who wish to maintain the integrity of their own brand with the use of unmarked trucks.

Our Vision

Connect Truckers will set a new standard for customer service in the bulk haulage and pallet delivery services. The company will draw upon over thirty years of experience in retail and trade services to bring a higher level of service to business and commercial customers. The goal is to reshape that paradigm using state of the art communication systems and a synergy with all members of the Centenary Group and their customers.

Connect Truckers is looking to deepen our relationship with suppliers by subcontracting out our services to bolster our supplier’s service standard while lifting the service offerings from the Centenary Group and Business Sub- Contractor Partners.

Connect Truckers, under the guidance of Conor O’Shea and his growing professional team is always looking for ways to improve and expand product service delivery elevating its status in the landscape, materials and building industry.

Meet The Team

Conor O’Shea


Conor O’Shea is the CEO of Centenary Landscaping Supplies, Connect Truckers and Centenary Outlet. Conor is responsible for Strategic Planning, Sales Management, and System Implementation. He also leads product development and innovation to insure the highest value services and offerings are available through the Centenary Group.

Before being named as CEO of Centenary Landscaping Supplies in June 2014, Conor went from Business Development Manager to Sales Manager where he was responsible for internal sales with the objective of improving systems, business intelligence, information technology, staff training and team building.

Conor has worked in most roles within the company which began at the age of 14, serving as yard hand filling bags on weekends. He went on to serve for two or more years as a Yardmen, Driver and Sales person while he studied Sound Engineering, Visual Art and gained valuable sales experience working with other organisations. His creative side has added some depth to the critical thinking around business, but also some diversity to the product range.

Conor O’Shea is the eldest son of Terry and Denise the founders Centenary Landscaping Supplies. And works closely with Terry who is Managing Director to uphold the values of the family Business while the Centenary Group grows into new markets and distribution channels.

Conor’s steep climb to the top job was expertly facilitated by Jacob Aldridge and the Shirlaws business coaching team. The Centenary Group proudly endorses Shirlaws and Jacob for significantly improving the company’s culture, and strategic goals.

Jacob Aldridge

When I first met Conor O’Shea in mid-2013 he was on the cusp of stepping into a leadership role with the Centenary Landscaping Supplies family business. It’s a valuable reflection, and a testimony to his character, to recognise Conor the CEO within such a short space of time.

The transition was neither straightforward nor guaranteed. Conor brought insight from years working across all areas of the business, and a next generation eagerness to break new ground. But he still had to demonstrate his capability to the Centenary team, customers and suppliers. His first challenge was learning how best to respond to feedback (both direct and behavioural) to develop Centenary Landscaping and the individuals within it.”

Conor’s greatest attribute as a CEO is his willingness to test assumptions, engage his team to explore alternatives, and then act decisively when the data is clear. I have seen the positive changes at Centenary Landscaping that have followed from Conor’s strategic approach and his willingness to act based on research and relationships even when the final course of action may differ from his initial thoughts.

Conor is willing to step into challenges, has a desire to lead by example, and is dedicated to growing the business, the team he leads, and himself. Earlier this year I had the chance to speak frankly with Conor’s father Terry O’Shea, who built Centenary Landscaping over many years. I’ve been privileged to build strategy with hundreds of business owners, and I wanted Terry to know two things: how few aspiring business owners achieve the business success he has realised; and how proud he deserves to be of the men his two sons Conor and Kelby have become.

Conor chose to step into business leadership and set himself and his team new challenges. I look forward to seeing his aspirations become reality, and to learn of the new horizons he sets beyond those.

Jacob AldridgeShirlaws International Business Coach
Aaron Mackenzie - General Manager

Aaron MacKenzie

General Manager

Aaron MacKenzie leads the Truckers team as the General Manager as well the Commercial and Key Account Manager. Aaron is responsible for the day to day running of the trucking fleet and also works closely with the CEO in areas of Strategic Planning and Sales Management.

Before joining the Connect Truckers team, over the course of 8 years, he has built a wealth of experience serving the Centenary Group’s commercial and trade customers. Aaron has developed many strong business relationships and has an industry reputation for integrity: getting the job done at the right price and maintaining a high level of customer service.

In conjunction with the Centenary Group, Aaron has been involved in many notable projects across South-East Queensland including acting as a key bulk material supplier for the Queensland Supreme Courts Development, Legacy Way Tunnel, Winter Garden & Queens Plaza, Westfield Garden City and Indooroopilly Shopping Town.

Terry O’Shea

Aaron MacKenzie has worked his way up through the ranks of Centenary over the last eight years. Starting in counter sales he was soon promoted to the fledgling Commercial Division. He had many ideas that were not focused on until Conor O’Shea became CEO of the company.

Over the course of his eight year tenure he has been instrumental in growing the Commercial Division to what it is today representing a sizable portfolio of important customers for Centenary Landscaping Supplies.

Further, Aaron brought to the table the need and opportunities a truck division would create for the Centenary Group. As a result of his thinking supported by Conor, Connect Truckers was born in August 2014. He now heads up that company as well as it works in synergy with the commercial aims and activities.

Terry O’SheaManaging Director - Centenary Landscaping Supplies



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