443 Queen St. takes landscaping and greenery to a whole new level

Sitting in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, construction has commenced on 443 Queen St, Brisbane’s answer to the first subtropical-designed building that re-imagines the domestic ‘Queenslander’ house experience. Once a barrier between the city and river, 443 Queen St will now be a connector creating new opportunities for the public to experience and enjoy the river in a new vibrant public and retail precinct. Designed by Singapore-based firm WOHA and Brisbane local architecture firm Architectus, in partnership with landscape architecture firm Taylor Cullity Lethlean, the new towers boast an abstract form that re-thinks the traditional highrise with architecture that celebrates and engages with the environment. 

With such an intricate and groundbreaking landscape design, the quality of the soil will be paramount to the ongoing success of the plants. Given the sheer size and intricacies of the development, we estimate there will be over 1000 Tonne of podium level soil used throughout 443 Queen St. 

Podium soils are light-weight, free-draining soils that are designed to have minimal slumpage. Suitable soils must be tested against AS-4419:2018 Low-Density Media (On Slab) before they are to be used. This installation is highly visible and will become one of the core design elements of the entire project.

A great example of a high performing scientifically designed on slab blend is the UltraGrow® On Slab Podium Soils™ designed by Centenary Landscaping Supplies in conjunction with SESL Australia and tested against Specification: E1 & E2 designed by Simon Leake and Elke in Soils for Landscape Development.

An exciting addition to the Brisbane CBD greenspace

With shelter and greenery an important part of the space and it’s surroundings, 443 Queen St will be a true testament of innovation within the landscaping and architecture industries. With the beautifully landscaped tropical gardens, it will deliver an exciting addition to the Brisbane CBD greenspace.

The space has been intentionally designed to represent subtropical living and is about “shading, sheltering, greenery and sustainability – a building that ‘breathes’ with natural ventilation and light.” The developments biggest appeal is an environmentally-oriented design with natural daylight. And with the air permeating every arrival garden on each floor which will help reduce the total energy consumption by up to 60%.

The new space at 443 Queen St connects with its natural landscape with vertical greenery and overhanging plants as if the tower itself has risen out of the soil. It will change the face of the Brisbane CBD and act as the measure of all other green buildings in Brisbane.

443 Queen St is expected to be completed in 2020.