A second crossing for toowoomba

The Toowoomba Second Range Crossing (TSRC) or Toowoomba Bypass, is a 41km viaduct that stretches over the Toowoomba range. Redirecting heavy vehicles around the north of Toowoomba, rather than through the CBD, reducing travel time by approximately 41 minutes through the avoidance of 18 sets of traffic lights. Completed in November of 2019, the TSRC will directly contribute to the growth of Australia, as Toowoomba is a key strategic link between the Port of Brisbane and the National Land Transport Network.


Connect Truckers was commissioned by HL Contractors to assist with the supply of a commercial soil blend to the site. Over 40,000 tonne of soil was needed for the project, and at times Connect Truckers was supplying up to 900 tonnes of material daily. 


As Connect Truckers is based in Brisbane, large distances needed to be covered between Ipswich and Toowoomba. Connect Truckers joined the near 4,400 heavy vehicles travelling along the existing Warrego Highway Toowoomba-Range to complete this project. 


The TSRC was the largest commitment by the Federal Government to a single road project in Queensland’s history. With an estimated 4.6 million man-hours worked, this project was a significant contributor to the region’s economic development, employment, and the region’s suppliers. Connect Truckers was privileged to work with the project teams and contribute to this key piece of regional infrastructure.