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The Centenary Group

The Centenary Group has over thirty years of experience in transport and logistics with a focus on small to large commercial trade customers and DIY retail landscaping supplies. The group has also offered specialist services through our Commercial Team which has been supplying large projects across South-East Queensland for over a decade.

Connect Truckers was created to support our commercial and trade service teams by giving them high-value offerings on large scale jobs while delivering our well-known level of customer service.

The team is led by a team of motivated people, committed to getting the job done and comprised of the very best operators in SEQ.

Connect Truckers currently operate body trucks with quad dog configurations along with twin steer fork trucks. The scope of works includes bulk cartage of landscape and construction material, contract truck hire and site soil removal. The flat beds will deliver all palletised materials including blocks, bricks and pavers, timber and bulka bags with the highest possible standard of customer service in the industry.

As a standalone business, Connect Truckers also offers the same level of service to “like” businesses who require a sub-contract professional delivery services. Truckers can offer discreet supply for those partners who wish to maintain the integrity of their own brand with the use of unmarked trucks.

Our Vision

Connect Truckers will set a new standard for customer service in the bulk haulage and pallet delivery services. The company will draw upon over thirty years of experience in retail and trade services to bring a higher level of service to business and commercial customers. The goal is to reshape that paradigm using state of the art communication systems and a synergy with all members of the Centenary Group and their customers.

Connect Truckers is looking to deepen our relationship with suppliers by subcontracting out our services to bolster our supplier’s service standard while lifting the service offerings from the Centenary Group and Business Sub- Contractor Partners.

Connect Truckers, under the guidance of Conor O’Shea and his growing professional team is always looking for ways to improve and expand product service delivery elevating its status in the landscape, materials and building industry.

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