Connect Truckers via The Landscape Construction Company recently had the opportunity to supply soil into the New Farm Park rose garden rejuvenation project.


The Renewing Great Brisbane Gardens project was designed to revitalise two of the city’s iconic gardens, New Farm Park and the River Terrace parklands at Kangaroo Point.


Both parks will be upgraded and enhanced to be more attractive to users and visitors.


The New Farm component of the project called for high-quality soil mixes to support the healthy growth and establishment of up to 2000 new rose plants.


The Landscape Construction Company worked closely with Connect Truckers who drew on the knowledge and experience of sister company, Centenary Landscaping Supplies to formulate the best possible soil to fit the project brief. The final selection was a slightly modified soil from the UltraGrow Collection, with over 800 Tonne of quality planting soil delivered into the inner city location over the course of 3-months.


Connect Truckers also supplied a suitable mulch to Brisbane City Council specifications to complete the project in time for the spring growing season.