Connect Truckers draws upon almost thirty years of landscape supply experience to bring you a new industry standard of customer service for trade and commercial clientele. We specialise in bulk haulage and pallet delivery services and have access to a wide range of landscaping and construction materials available at the most competitive rates.

Our Vision

Connect Truckers will set a new standard for customer service in the bulk haulage and pallet delivery services. The company will draw upon over thirty years of experience in retail and trade services to bring a higher level of service to business and commercial customers. The goal is to reshape that paradigm using state of the art communication systems and a synergy with all members of the Centenary Group and their customers.

Connect Truckers is looking to deepen our relationship with suppliers by subcontracting out our services to bolster our supplier’s service standard while lifting the service offerings from the Centenary Group and Business Sub- Contractor Partners.

Connect Truckers, under the guidance of Conor O’Shea and his growing professional team is always looking for ways to improve and expand product service delivery elevating its status in the landscape, materials and building industry.

Modern Fleet

With a modern fleet of Body Trucks, Truck & Dogs, Truck & Quad Dogs and Crane Trucks available, Connect Truckers have the perfect transport solution for your next project covered.

Customer Serivce

The Centenary Group have been providing superior service to the wider landscaping industry in SEQ for over 30 years. Connect Truckers experience and customer focused service is what sets them apart.

Quality Products & Range

With roots firmly entrenched in the landscape supply sector, Connect Truckers have access to one of the largest and most diverse range of the quality landscape and construction products available.



I would like to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction on the level of service that Connect Truckers provides.

We have been using Connect Truckers since its commencement . They have been the only Bulk Transport company that has been able to meet our demands.  A lot of our work has challenging conditions  and Connect Truckers is constantly able to support us in this.

When I book a job I am confident that the delivery will be made in the required time frame. Our internal and external customers are continuously impressed with the service they provide.

I am more than happy to keep using and recommending Connect Truckers and look forward to doing so.